We specialise in all aspects of criminal investigations, proceedings and appeals


About AHS Law

Specialists in criminal and regulatory law and appeals.

We are a criminal litigation practice specialising in defending very serious crime. With over 25 years’ experience, our principal solicitor, has expertise in dealing with cases of murder, serious fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, extradition and bribery/ corruption cases. We are regularly instructed in high profile cases and attend Police Stations and Courts throughout England Wales.

25 years of experience

Our experience makes us the leaders in criminal law.

Going the extra mile

We make it our mission to represent you as fully as possible.

Every client is unique

We appreciate that every case must be handled differently.

Our Services

Criminal Investigations

We represent clients in all types of criminal investigations conducted by:

  • Police & National Crime Agency
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Local authority / Trading Standards

Criminal Proceedings

We also represent clients in all types of criminal proceedings and appeals in the following courts:

  • Magistrates' Court
  • Crown Court
  • High Court
  • Court of Appeal

Regulatory and Other Proceedings

We can assist you with regulatory matters including:

  • Extradition
  • Health and Safety
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Tribunals
  • Inquests


Ali is a very talented lawyer …who champions his clients cause… It is a pleasure to endorse his ability and recommend his services…
Ali seems to have a natural ease at making his work look effortless, though I can attest to the many hours of hard work and preparation he puts into any task he takes on…he is blessed with amazing attention to detail and he’s always prepared for any situation even those that seem unforeseeable…
Ali Hussain is simply one of the best criminal law solicitors in London. His commitment to clients, knowledge of the law and grasp of detail are so impressive – and he leaves no stone unturned when preparing a case. Added to that, he is one of life’s good guys. If I was in trouble, the first person I would speak to is Ali.
Ali Hussain is a top class solicitor. From start to finish he conscientiously delivers meticulous preparation and client care in an age when this has never been more important to the result. Know that you are in the best legal hands.


Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain - Principal Solicitor

I am a very experienced practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in criminal and civil litigation. I represented a client in a landmark Female Genital Mutilation case; I have written a number of articles on the subject and also appeared on television and on BBC Radio 4. I appeared in Super Lawyers 2013. I have substantial experience in advising and representing clients who are under investigation by the police, HMRC, Department for Work and Pensions, SFO and National Crime Agency.

Case Studies

We deal with all types of criminal cases in all criminal Courts. A small example of successful cases are shown below:

Murder: R v L

Client was wrongly alleged to have stabbed to death a fellow inmate in prison. Following trial he was acquitted.

GBH: R v D

Road rage incident during which client was alleged to have assaulted another driver. The jury accepted he acted in self-defence.

GBH: R v S

Road rage incident. Client was victim of a racially motivated attack but was charged with assault. The jury accepted he acted in self-defence.

Murder: R v V

Client was mistakenly identified as someone who had shot the victim. He was acquitted after the jury accepted he was wrongly identified.

FGM: R v M

First female genital mutilation prosecution in the UK since the law was introduced in 1985. Client was unanimously acquitted by the jury.

Murder: R v S

Russian client was wrongly charged with murder. We established using his mobile phone data and CCTV that he was not in the area at the time.

Rape: R v A

False allegation of historic rape. The prosecution offered no evidence and dropped the case after it became clear the complainant had lied.

Fraud: R v I

Client charged with defrauding the Department for Trade and Industry out of several million pounds. Very complex case involving banking and computer data.

Money Laundering: R v R

Multimillion pound money laundering ring involving tax avoidance on the sale of alcohol. Multiple defendants and vast amounts of material to review.

Drugs: R v F

Client was acquitted at trial after being charged with importation of cocaine from South America. He was the only defendant to be found not guilty out of eight defendants

Trafficking & Exploitation: R v M

Client acquitted of two serious charges relating to alleged trafficking of females from Romania for sexual exploitation.

Murder: R v ML

Client alleged to have been involved in a shooting. His co-defendants were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Our client, following legal argument, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a substantially shorter sentence.

Fraud: R v SG

Client charged with others in a complex fraud, withdrawals were made on the pretence of being used for charitable purposes. It was alleged that client was involved in the fraud and received funds but we were able to prove that important documents were not in his handwriting and that he was not involved in the management of the charity. Following representations to the Crown Prosecution Service, no evidence was offered and a not guilty verdict was recorded.

Appeal against Conviction: R v E

Successful appeal against conviction in the Court of Appeal. Client was charged with conspiracy to rob and was convicted at trial. However, amongst other things, the Judge made an error in his directions to the jury, and the Court of Appeal quashed the conviction and ordered a re-trial.

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